Friday, 28 March 2014

Crown Brushes Haul; BK13, C160, C200, C250-0 & C441

C160- 1/8"
C250- 0 
Same as above

Brushes to me are an essential part of makeup application, without them my makeup doesn't apply and look the same. Recently, I've been seeing huge amount of hype over the new and upcoming affordable brushes by Crown Brushes so decided to try some out for myself. The positives I first saw about the Crown Brush websites are the prices, most of the brushes are available at extremely low prices in comparison with Mac or even Boots. However, the posting is not cheap, there are no free returns and you can't see the brushes in 'real' life. The brushes I decided to buy are as follows..

BK13 Blending Fluff- £2.69

So far, I'm really liking the look of this brush, I have nothing else like it. It's a huge blending brush that is super soft and just the right density to either apply a wash of colour or blend out other shadows.

C160- 1/8" Angle Liner- £2.29

I originally bought this for applying eyeliner because I thought this was going to be thinner but now I've received it I definitely think it is too thick to apply a thin line. I can imagine this would be great for applying brow powder, although I personally use a pencil. I will experiment the use of this brush with eyeliner though.

C200 Deluxe Crease- £3.19

This is my favourite of the brushes I got purely because soft, mid density blending brushes are so useful and this one will be no exception. This is as soft as the BK13, which is good when working around the eyes.

C250-0 Mini Liner- £1.69

I was so surprised to see this when I opened my bag, it is literally the tiniest brush I have ever seen! Not  only was I disappointed by the length of this brush (purely because I wasn't expecting how small it was), but even kept within a small plastic brush guard some hairs must have been pushed back and wouldn't go back into shape. I've now cut the 'stray' hairs off and it is usable, but ever so tiny! If I am doing very detailed work, this will be great to use.

C441 Pro Blending Crease- £3.99

Another blending brush, I know.. sorry not sorry. Although I don't own the MAC 217, I can imagine this is very comparable by looks. This is a good shape for a blending brush, and I am glad to own more blending brushes, but this is not as soft as the C200 Deluxe Crease that I also purchased. Soft, but not overly soft.

Overall, I am glad with all of my purchases and considering the price these are excellent quality. I do recommend the brushes I bought, it's just a shame you and I are unable to see and play with them before buying. It is likely I will be buying more in the future so they are worth checking out!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Haul including Sleek, Mac & Revlon

Being a beauty fanatic, I'm often wanting to try out a lot (too many) products meaning that I have the occasional shop here and there. Here's a few things I bought this week, the next update on my blog will most likely be a few makeup brushes that are on their way in the post now.

I am absolutely loving the quality of the Sleek blush palettes, for the price I literally couldn't dream of any better formula's and the Revlon highlighter is now in my everyday makeup bag. The only thing I'm a little disappointed in is the M.A.C pro longwear concealer, I thought the coverage would be better but there will be full reviews on each of these soon!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

March Empties!

Rimmel (top) Loreal (bottom)

Another empties, I'm running out of blog inspiration it seem! Also, I do apologise for my lack of posts recently but I am very, massively busy with sorting out my future, its crazy I leave college in a month! Back on track..

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Leave-in Conditioner
I loved this stuff when I first used it and sprayed in in my hair religiously, but towards the end I think I just got caught up in other products. I will repurchase this is I find it, I haven't recently seen it in Boots, I hope they haven't discontinued it.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel
I didn't like this pencil, which is probably surprising because I used most of it! The formula was nice but was way too warm for my hair and skin colour, if they had a more ashy tone I would repurchase.

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray
This stuff is amazing!! I have repurchased another two (there was 3 for 2 so I picked up two) and am still using it daily. This stuff gives serious volume and acts a bit like a dry shampoo it seems since my hair hasn't been getting as greasy as quick.

Boots Cleansing Wipes in Cucumber
These are okay, I prefer the sensitive version (in the blue packet) and will be getting those ones next time.

Loreal Superliner Brown Pencil in Blonde
This is a really good brow product for a very affordable price. The colour is right, the texture is right and until I find something better I will continue to use this everyday.

No7 Intense Volume Mascara in Black
I love the first tube I had of this but now I'm not so keen. It's not voluminous but if you want lengthy lashes it works. Im not sure if this is just my second tube being a different formula but it also seems to smudge a bit at the moment too.. not so waterproof.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder in Porcelain
This is the best powder I have tried to date, its not too powdery, it doesn't look cake or flat but does the job of getting rid of shine. I have repurchased this but I'm interested in the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder next.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray
I got this free in a magazine and I'm pretty glad I didn't may for it out of my own money. It doesn't work as well as I expected it too after trying to use it on both wet (then blowdried) or dry hair. I wont repurchase this as other things do the job better (Charles Worthington Texturising Spray!)

Seventeen VaVaVoom Mascara
This is a good mascara but I won't be repurchasing because of all the other options available and I have many already in my stash to try. This is voluming, but tends to smudge.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer
I think this works great for priming the skin for makeup but for me it doesn't keep my makeup any longer the normal. For the price, I'd rather get the Benefit Porefessional or something of similar quality as it's not something I wear everyday.

I hope you liked my empties, please comment down below if you have tried any of these products!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Eyes Lips Face Package

I purchased my first ever ELF items and I'm so glad I did! Yes, so I got the stereotypical bestsellers but I thought that would be my best bet. I'm loving all of my purchases so far, my favourites being the blusher in the duo and the Matte Lip Pencil (it tastes so darn good!). I'm warming up to the Eyeshadow Kit, the gel especially but I find the powder pretty useless as its so, so light! So far, so good from ELF and I will be buying more after I decide what I want.

Please comment with any ELF suggestions (or things I shouldn't waste my money on) please!